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Who are we?

Cheap VPS USA puts complete freedom in the hands of technologists and businesses, for anyone to master right from the start. We are a global technology company serving developers, entrepreneurs, and businesses with the dedicated server, software and infrastructure building blocks to manage, secure and scale their data. Throughout our history, we have always challenged the status quo and set out to make technology accessible and affordable. In our rapidly evolving digital world, we believe an integral part of our future is an open ecosystem and open cloud, where all can continue to thrive and customers can choose when, where and how to manage their data.

We believe that an open cloud is an integral part of our future, where all thrive together and customers have the freedom to choose. We are empowering people to achieve their ambitions.

We design, build and operate our own data centers. Each component is carefully selected, each step to build is thoroughly evaluated — from our location selection to choice of hardware components, each is vetted to solve the next generation of challenges.  We work closely with our technology providers to solve for stability, performance, and efficiency.  We have 30 global data centers…and more to come.

Our Team

Our company’s organization fosters collaboration and an open, vibrant culture designed to serve our customers first. Our vision, values, ambition, and dream are many treasures we want to share. We are not afraid of going fast, we are not afraid of the unknown, nor fails nor invention. We are confident when it comes to following our own path. Our culture is there to help us go further, faster.

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120 E Van Buren St, Phoenix, AZ 85004, United States.

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